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За лінком вище ви можете підписатися на стрічку подкастів цього автора на ваших гаджетах.

Ukrainian trio Mirami in Chicago. May 20.

MoLoKo agency invites you to
Sensational Ukrainian trio Mirami performance at
Sexualna Summer Dance Party at Stereo Nightclub in Chicago.

Doors open at 10PM
Concert will start later.
Opening set by Tima Fei (NORdjs, UNITED IN AMERICA)

Tickets >

– GA Early Bird (100 tickets only) $30
– Door $40
– VIP Seating for 4 persons $200 (includes 4 tickets to the concert and reserved table seating)

– VIP Seating for 12 persons $900 (includes 12 tickets to the concert, reserved booth seating and 1 bottle of premium alcohol)

Sponsors: Vacation Home “Naseli”
Media Sponsors: #Ukrainian Independent Radio, #UaPost, #Ukrainian People Magazine, #UNITED IN AMERICA